Sharing Wisdom from Eternity

Philosophy from the unseen world

Philosophy from my friends who walk by my side

Over the years there have been many opportunities for the spirit world to impart their knowledge to inspire us. Here is a small selection which I think you may find of interest.

Origins of our Soul

Eric explains where our souls reside before being born to the earth

Negative Spirits in times of war

Eric was asked if negative spirits can influence leaders of countries being led into war

Portrait of your life

Eric explains how our actions colour the portrait of our journey along our physical pathway.


Eric speaks about one of the most popular topics raised during every Question and Answer demonstration - Reincarnation.


What happened to him and where is he now

Lost and Angry Souls

Eric explains what happens when we arrive in the spirit world.

Meditation or Sitting in the Power

Eric explains the difference between Meditation and Sitting in the Power

Words of comfort and encouragement

Estelle Roberts shares her words of comfort and encouragement.

Energy Vortexes around the World

Eric explains about magnetic pulses and its impact on water


Eric speaks about Easter time

Elizabeth Garrett Anderson

Elizabeth addresses the Circle


Eric addresses Bournemouth Church

When We Die

Eric explains what happens when we die.

Etheric Body

Eric explains about the Etheric Body.

Valentines Day

Eric speaks about St Valentines Day

When a Child Dies

Eric explains what happens when children pass to the spirit world before their parents.